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Troy Collins and his man are having very sexy fun outside in this man royale video. They put lotion on each other and oil up their bodies so that they shine and glisten, and then Troy’s man takes his giant cock into his mouth and starts sucking with a smile. Of course, being a good partner, after a while Troy demands to have a chance at his friend’s cock, and he’s not complaining when Troy sucks and slobbers all over his head and shaft and balls. Then they slap on a rubber and fuck right there outside on the table, where anyone could walk right in on them and see.

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After a wild party, these roommates go back to their apartment. When they get home they realize they are horny and they don’t want to admit it. Instead of wasting a good hard-on, he dares his roommate to guess how long his dick is. After getting it wrong he has to measure it and can’t believe how big it feels. He pulls it out and can’t help himself; he starts to rub and suck it. That’s all he needed to know it’s okay to fuck his roommate. He lets his black dick go down his roommate’s throat before he turns him over and begins to pound his tight ass. He doesn’t want to cum in his ass, so he pulls out and cums on his face.

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After spending so much time together at the club, he finally gets his friend to come home with him. He doesn’t know that his friend has a surprise in his pants. He gets his friend horny and starts to undress him. When he sees his massive dick as he gets hard, he doesn’t know what to do. He takes his time and starts to swallow the black dick. He loves the feel of it sliding down his throat but he needs it up his ass. So as soon as he gets a condom on his friend’s dick, he gets rammed. He didn’t think he could take such a huge pole up his ass. It’s a night that ends in cum on his stretched out ass.

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This starts out just how you’d expect any gay video to: a couple of sexy guys getting shirtless and really wanting to get down and nasty. Finally one is on his knees sucking on the other, making sure he’s hard enough to shove into his tight ass. They have a lot of fun fucking and getting fucked while stroking the free cock. It’s not long before they can’t take it anymore, and just have to blow their loads. It’s good they’ve got their friend there to help them work the cum out and make the explosion go all over each other’s bodies.

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With a couple of sexy hunks like these hanging out just in their skivvies, you know it’s not going to be long before they want to have fun. At first it just starts out kind of innocent, some stroking there, a back-rub here, some stroking and then finally one of them gets to put the other’s cock in his mouth. After that, things get really hot, and after a hot blowjob like that, he’s just waiting to get his ass pounded by a thick cock. Our guy is more than happy to oblige, and they have lots of fun stroking and fucking until they both cum.

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It’s a lovely summer afternoon and these boys are feeling a little risqué. They open the blinds and let the sun shine in, loving the warmth on their skin as they take off their clothes and begin to caress one another in the light. They rub their hands all along one another, tracing the lines of their sculpted muscles as they go, before one finally reaches the others rock hard dick and begins to slowly move his hand up and down the huge member, teasing him as much as possible. He slides down and does the same with his mouth, lubing him up before allowing him to fuck him in the afternoon sun.

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These three studs are all about to have a hardcore threesome and they waste no time getting naked and rock hard. All three of these studs are all about getting each other off and they have no problem doing it in front of the camera. One of the guys lies down on the couch on his back with his massive cock sticking straight as the other two horny studs take turns teasing and playing with his hard cock. These three then move on to the hardcore fucking as they take turns sliding their rock hard cocks in and out of each other’s hard and tight assholes.

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